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“There is nothing I love more than real human interaction, face to face, with a hug here and there”.

Observing and listening to people tell their story through their emotions and body language is true essence to me.

Writing and sharing about travel experiences by immersing myself in the local culture, mainly through the culinary world, finding local stories of passionate artisans, producers, and people who have immigrated like me is just what keeps my butterflies going and going.

This is where our relationship can deepen, suggestments can be made, and all questions can be asked and answered. I would also love to collaborate, meet, write, listen to anyone who wants to share about their company or story and whatever comes to the mind and so much more. 

Finally, my passion project @thebluekitchencapri where I teach in person cooking classes and online.

Here I share family recipes, secrets, hacks, and the behind scenes of the local life on the magical island of Capri, in the south of Italy. I dreamed of a place where I could give the human connection I am always seeking. With food being such a dominant topic in my life I wanted to create a place where flour flies and stories are told. Connecting through food and having an intimate relationship with what your cooking can do so much for the mind, body, and soul. So, I open my home to experience a local side of the glamours island of Capri leaving you a bit more “Caprese” than before. We can also schedule tailored online and in person cooking classes. I am truly open to all suggestions and creations.