About me

Who am I?

I admit this is a difficult question and I have spent a lot of time and sleepless nights trying to find “the” answer. 

I am still investigating my thoughts, feelings, making order of what serves me versus what my ego suggests. I found that by opening up space for love, empathy, knowing yourself deeper, rather than focusing on how we are perceived can bring you to become kinder to yourself, others, and accept that there is no answer. We are souls having a human experience, so let it be. I can tell you where I come from, where I’ve been, but who I am that is a forever work in progress but in the meantime I wine, dine and share along the way. 

I was born on the Island of Bermuda completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, yes near the Bermuda Triangle, but never witnessed anything strange.

The children I grew up with, like me, had parents who emigrated to the island and with that came along the beauty of growing up immersed in different cultures. My love affair with food began in elementary school where I organized lunch box exchanges with anyone so that my palate could experience new flavors from Indian to Portuguese and beyond. Luckily, my friends were always very intrigued by my mother’s very Italian dishes, so I always had many lunch boxes to choose from. Thanks mom! Being the only Italian in school, food was introduced to me through cultural exchange, foreign flavors, enhanced by traditions. I immediately realized there was a world to taste and so the hunger and curiosity began.

At the age of 10 my mother moved us to the tiny island of Capri, Italy, where my parents are from.

I didn’t grow up with the children that had known each other since birth and watched the same cartoons. Everyone was Italian just like me but somehow,

Everyone was Italian just like me but somehow, I was the outsider who spoke another language.

Until the age of 20 I remained in Capri besides high school where I chose Sorrento as a breather. The Island felt too small for me in every way. I was craving diversity and out of the ordinary. So, I moved to the extreme opposite. 

Life in NYC was beyond great as time exists in its own form or doesn’t exists at all, you just go.

Here I spent several years of my life firstly pursuing my studies in Marketing and then working in the fashion industry. I love to emphasise that NYC has formed me in so many ways and I will always be grateful for the hustle, the sleepless nights and crying then smiling in between blocks.

The greatest high of NYC was the culinary world that heightened every part of me again.

I was back to my familiar roots, everyone different, chefs embracing where they come from infusing it into the ordinary and making it extraordinary. From my first Ethiopian cuisine to the search for the most authentic “Spaghetti al Pomodoro”  I studied my palate by diving into different cultures and experiences. What a great way to get to know yourself. 

Now that I am back on the Island of Capri, where I teach traditional “Caprese” cooking classes from my home @thebluekitchencapri, I still try to celebrate Taco Tuesday when I can and always resort to the internet when I am in need of a culinary escape where I research, imagine, read your thoughts, opinion and suggestions. Sorry for the long story and thank for making it this far! What I really mean is that I am just a simple gal who is always on the hunt for food experiences, cultural exchange and foreign traditions. By sharing my journeys, I hope to spark conversations and connect further, while providing travel guides, recipes, local stories and all that comes my way to spike hunger for what you are truly craving.

For now, let’s let our feelings loose and connect through the instances that make us equals, time to eat.

 Ciao for now!